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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
The Secret to Longevity, Part II
You'll be happy to know that my oldest patient is still on our side of the grass. Her birthday is next week, and I realized when I wrote about her last year that I had just missed her birthday. She'll be 105 next week. She's about the same as last year.
I think I found a guy for her. Sure, he's a little bit younger, but think of the fun they could have!
Is this coffeehouse named after the guy who figured out the rules for calculating voltage & current in electric circuits?
Uh - maybe? It's named for the real coffeehouse which is named for the building in which it stands. Details.
I'm presuming if she were on the other side of the grass, then she'd be your former-patient, but I've always loved being the hobgoblin of little minds.

Happy Birthday to her (and to you as well, presuming you get at least a little bit of the credit).
b&c: She's much too cranky and uncomunicative for him. Or, really, for anyone.

Kiwi the geek: Stacey has also mentioned Kirckhoff's Law here, so we made it our blog's official Scientific Law. The Kerckhoff Coffeehouse is an actuall coffeehouse on the UCLA campus, where all 5 of us were undergrads. The man after whom Kerckhoff Hall is names was important in early California history. The details were explained in the comment of a thread many many moons ago, but I forgot them.

Gavriel: Good point. I really get no credit since the less I do for her the longer she lives. Click the link to read my post from a year ago and you'll see that she's not so thrilled to have made it either.
So your real name is Bean, and you resemble Rowan Atkinson? That's just TOO MUCH! :oD
Bean et al,

105? Wow! But, as Robert Duvall once said, "nobody lives forever, but who would want to."

Sorry, off-topic, but have you seen this certain Alumni Group, castigating certain professors at a certain University?
Kiwi the geek: No, Doctor Bean is a fake name that I use because (a) I'm a doctor and (b) I resemble Rowan Atkinson. The major differences between me and him are that he is talented and wealthy. My 105 year old patient does butcher my name, but I changed the specifics for the sake of anonymity.

Legal Eagle: Good to see you! Great link. The UCLA faculty are indeed a bunch of radical Trotskyites. The website may deserve a post of its own at the Coffehouse. Thanks.
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