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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Let Iran Go Nuclear?
James Robbins takes up and tears apart an idea circulating around the State Department that Iran with nukes would be a good thing, because it would (you should be sitting down at this point) stabilize the region!

Do we have a more dangerous department of government than State? Can't Condi fire some of these career Kumbaya singing globalists?
I'm boggled, I really am.
Oh, yeah. That nutcase wears a suit, so he's obviously stable, so lets give him nukes.

I want what they're smoking.

Stabilize? Yeah, the most stable state is the one with the lowest energy, the ground state. Where everything is flat and motionless, except for the geiger counters. That'll work.
Og: It's incredible how differently these State Dept people think.

Birdwoman: I wish they were smoking something. I don't know if you read the article. This group at State think that Israel and Iran would deter each other. I've noticed that Israel hasn't nuked anyone so far without Iran's deterence. Is that going to get any better once Iran deters Israel (and the US) with a nuke?

Gavriel: I appreciate your thermodynamics allusion. (It was my favorite undergrad course.) I would very much like to have the entropy of all nuclear facilities in Iran increased dramatically. I pray that the US has the testosterone to do this so that Israel doesn't have to.
If Iran had the bomb, they could "deter" Israel tomorrow, since they already have the missles for that range. Guess what? They also have missles in range of Europe. They are currently developing U.S.-range missles. So guess who they're really intent on, uh, deterring, Staties?

(You are reading this, right?)
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