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Friday, January 06, 2006
Am I too sensitive?
In an otherwise innoucuous article about prayers for healing in Jewish houses of worship, Jack Wertheimer (provost and professor of American Jewish History at the Jewish Theological Seminary in Manhattan) takes a gratuitous swipe at Orthodox Jewry:

Each of the religious movements of American Judaism makes different arrangements for the recitation of the mi sheberakh [prayer for healing]. Orthodox synagogues, which pride themselves on never changing, have instituted new practices to accommodate large numbers of men who line up to utter the name of the sick person to a responsible synagogue official for public announcement.
Did he need to throw in the snide, and untrue, clause about "prid[ing] themselves on never changing"? Almost a caricature of what non-Orthodox Jews think of Orthodoxy, and their reaction to it.

Or am I being too sensitive?
This is off topic, but I want to draw something to your attention re Munich, the Spielberg movie.

The current edition of Macleans (a Canadian periodical) features an article by George Jonas. Jonas wrote the book Vengeance, on which the Spielberg movie is ostensibly based. But Jonas says the final draft of the script (which was never shared with Jonas) takes the story in a very different direction.

Jonas says there is a valid moral distinction between terrorism and counter-terrorism, and objects because Spielberg obliterates the distinction. He accuses Spielberg of maintaining neutrality between good and evil.

I know you posted on this subject earlier, and thought you'd be interested.
The yet even weirder thing is that "Vengeance" has apparently been discredited in the first place...
The weidest thing of all is that we are in the midst of a war and have not seen a single bang-em-up, rally the populace war movie. What's up with that?
It would be weird if this were World War II. But the people putting out movies today are almost to a person against the war. There have been plenty, plenty, plenty, of stuff against the war, both direct and indirect.
They should put Ahnie back to Hollywood... What's up with him not using his governating influence to order a good old movie of that type?!
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