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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Blonde joke
I realize that I must now admit that I am no longer on the cutting edge of humor, but I don't find this Blonde Joke funny at all.
I was thinking about posting a link to it myself. Good job!
But seriously there's nothing funny about it.
What a waste of time!
Ball and chain... Well sure, it can be a bit time consuming if you dig deep enough. ;-)
I loved it. I love blonde jokes.
I'd like to remind everyone at this juncture that my wife (a) is a brunette and (b) has a PhD. (She is sometimes a bit gullible, though.)
I liked it for about 5 minutes -- and then my brunette brain (with hints of gray) started working again.
Dr. B: Well, how long did you try it, smarty-pants?
Ralphie, are you named after the kid in "A Christmas Story"? (okay, off topic, but just had to know...and no, i'm not a blonde)
b&c: I'm still working on it. Why?
CM: Nope.

However, since you mentioned it, I feel I must say, "You'll shoot your eye out."
3 clicks worth, I believe. Hilarious...
How is this hilarious? I am clearly missing something. Of course, back in the day of my Ph.D. we didn't waste endless amounts of time on the web.
B&C, stop, you're just embarrassing yourself now.
LOL, that joke is annoying but funny. It's especially funny after you get really annoyed by that and then send a link to an unsuspecting friend.
Ralphie, so glad you knew what the heck I was talking about!
Can't beleive I fell for this. Reminds me of when they had us looking for long weights (to keep the tent flaps down) in the Boy Scouts.
You people are just weird! Seriously, it isn't funny at all; and I know funny!
Indeed, this emperor is buck nekked.

Great Movie. I am still looking for one of those Leg Lamps.
Jack, I actually bought a little statue of the dad holding the leg lamp! I love that movie
Just proves that making fun of blondes will get you nowhere.
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