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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
A Public Service Message from Glock and the Second Amendment
ball-and-chain and I are constantly trying to be good-will emissaries from the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to the mushy feel-good liberal swamp that is Los Angeles. For example, we frequently step out of our political closet to gently challenge a false liberal mantra that a friend may utter without a second thought (“Things in Iraq just keep getting worse and worse.”) or we might jump to attention, salute, and tear up at the passing mention of President Reagan. These small gestures serve to remind Los Angelinos that conservatives are thoughtful humans too.

It was in that spirit that I recently invited Wanderer to an afternoon at the range. Actually it wasn’t in that spirit; it was just for fun. (Wanderer posted about the outing too, but with such a different spin you have to wonder about his memory.) He’d never fired a handgun before, so we first went over some basic gun safety rules at my house. (Never clean your gun with your nose. Never clean your nose with your gun.) Then we went to the range and each fired a Glock 9 mm pistol 100 times, thereby hurtling supersonic projectiles at pieces of paper various distances from us. Wanderer did very well.

Wanderer takes aim.

Freeze!  I’m a cardiologist, and I gotta gun!

I take my turn.

Come out with your insurance card in your hand and your patient gown open in the back and no one gets hurt!

I was happy that my previous trips had resulted in small incremental improvements in my accuracy. I can hit a silhouette at 50 feet very reliably now. Here’s a group of 20 rounds at 21 feet. Not great, but passable for someone who a year ago never fired a 9 mm.

It's dead, Jim.

After the last magazine was emptied we packed up and drove into the sunset, satisfied with the certainty that another American is on his way to appreciating our constitutional right to bear polymer frame semiautomatic handguns with no exposed hammers or external safeties. Or something like that.
Talking about that:

I have grave news for you: My experiment has been victim to an Ignoble Attack by the Ministry of Offense. Come help carry out the bodies!

* For details, see The Ignoble Experiment... Alas, poor Yorick.
Bean, I can't even read Wanderers website. Still: good shooting. Keep it up, and keep 'em in the X ring!
Bean - The funniest thing about this post is when you mouse over the pics! Good times, good times.

Og- are you having technical difficulties with my site or are you afraid you'll catch the liberal cooties?!? (BTW - I'm much less liberal than people around here think I am...)
If you are ever approached in a dark alley by menacing concentric circles, you'll know how to protect yourself.

Wanderer: "I'm not as liberal as people think I am..." - watch out, that how it starts! Pretty soon you'll be making a paper machier bust of Reagan using pages from the National Review.
Ralphie: Oooh, arts and crafts project for a rainy day! Thanks for the idea.
Irina: Congrats on the new blog template. It looks great.

Og: I had a very strong suspicion you were going to like this post.

Wanderer: Thanks for noticing the rollover text. See how hard I work to keep you amused? I think Og and Ralphie might make you sign a loyalty oath soon.

Ralphie: We can definitely take on concentric circles now, but only one set at a time and only if they’re straight in front of us. Anything more threatening than that, and we’re running away to the nearest guns-for-gifts buyback program.

ball-and-chain: I love you!
Wanderer, all i get is the masthead and sidebar, no blog body.

And I read Kos, you're barely liberal by his standards.
Looks like a good time. Wish I could've joined you. I know the Glock 9mm well and am a pretty good shot. It is definitely a beautiful piece.
Whoa - I'd love to learn how to shoot like that. *Dreamy sigh*.
Wanderer, please, I beg of you, don't jump to the "other" side...you're the only other liberal around these here parts.
Stacey: "Wish I could have joined you."
Coming to LA from Texas to shoot guns is like me going to Texas from LA to try to get into acting. Nevertheless, if you ever set foot in LA County b&c and I would be happy to feed you and yours and take you shooting.

Irina: Take a basic handgun safety class in a gun range near you. Don't dream it; live it!

Cruisin-mom: You underestimate the power of the bright side of the force. Wanderer will be assimilated. It is his destiny.
Bean - I believe the correct quote is not to underestimate the power of the dark side of the force... (as you know!).

No worries Cruisin' Mom - I just like to taste the coffee and sample the pastries here, I ain't movin' in. I believe in the 2nd Amendment very strongly, but I also believe in stricter gun control laws.

Very impressed with Stacey! (though she is from Texas - they're just "different" down there...).
...and I'll be happy to shoot you and yours and take you feeding.
The last guy who pointed a gun at me was very unhappy as I took it out of his hands and smacked him upside the head. Not on top of, or the side of, but upside the head.

So much for being a good shot.
Jack - do tell more details.
Oh my!
Y'know, I'm a bleeding-heart liberal who loves puppies and kitties and most of humanity, and I'm not antigun. Never have been. My dad's a lifetime NRA member, and I'd join if I didn't think what Heston did after Columbine and the other school shootings was tacky...not unConstitutional, just plain tacky attention-getting of the type that my mother taught me was disrespectful. You don't go in where people are grieving to display your politics...it's disgusting when Fred Phelps and his crew do it, and it was disgusting when Heston did it, and he lost me that day. When he's no longer running things, we shall see.

Now, I'm against hurting people as a tenet of my religious faith, but I hang out primarily at a house with at least one handgun in plain sight at all times, and I don't break into hives or start ranting hysterically. That's a house also full of self-defined liberals. I don't mind shooting at a paper target. I even enjoy it.

PsychoToddler sent me here. Glad I came.
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