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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Manassas Changes Definition Of Family
A new town law limits households to immediate relatives. Your nephew cannot live with you.

Seems to be an anti-immigrant (let's say even anti-illegal-immigrant) measure. I will go on record as being against this law. You don't want illegal immigrants living on your block? Arrest them for being in the country illegally. Having trouble finding a parking space because 13 people live across the street from you, each with his own car? Arrange for permit parking and limit the number of permits a house can have. Don't want excessive renters in the neighborhood? Pass a zoning law and enforce it.

I haven't reviewed the good ol' constitution, but I don't see how the government can limit who lives in your house, 'slong as they're all law-abiding.
This is outrageous!

In better news:
http://info.jpost.com/C005/BlogCentral/JIB.2005/gr.politics.html (scroll down)
It's a terrible law, but that doesn't make it unconstitutional.
But what about the right to privacy? Um, nevermind.
Actually, this kind of law has been tried before and has already been ruled upon by the Supremes. As I recall, it was found unconstitutional. I will try remember to look it up and post the results.
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