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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Heinz to Bush: Ketchup to the rest of the world and condemn Iran
Remember Teresa Heinz Kerry? She was the outspoken wife of a failed presidential candidate. You might recall that she speaks her mind.

Well, now her mind is saying that Bush is silent on Iran's President's Holocaust denial and call for Israel's destruction. She states that no one in the administration has mentioned. No one except, well, John Bolton, Scott McClellan, Sean McCormack (state dept. spokesman) and Condoleeza Rice. But Bush himself didn't say anything! He must agree!!!!

As for Condi, Heinz says that the Secretary of State "noted widespread condemnation of the remarks, but did not offer condemnation of her own..." Here's the quote (ellipses in Heinz's original citation):

"When the president of one country says that another country should be wiped off the face of the map in violation of all of the norms of the United Nations... it has to be taken seriously.... There has been widespread condemnation of this statement and it only demonstrates why we're working so hard to keep Iran from getting technologies that would lead to a nuclear weapon."

Um, yeah, she didn't literally say the words "Saying that another country should be wiped of the face of the earth is bad." But if you don't know what Condi meant, then stick to your condiment. Know what I mean?

(And in case you were wondering if Bush said anything, of course he did.)
She's such a major political liability for her husband, that it's amusing.
Hey, I know the "ketchup" pun is too easy, but can someone give me props for "Condi meant"?
Condi meant! Good one!
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