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Monday, December 19, 2005
Bush Fights Back
Today in a press conference Bush explained to the American people why NSA monitoring of some phone calls that originate inside the US and are calling abroad has been necessary in the war on terror. His language was simple and persuasive. I only read the transcript and didn't see the video but it struck me like a speech that should resonate with the political center. His points: We're at war. There was repeated Congressional notification. The President was doing what the Constitution allows him to do to accomplish a duty that the Constitution demands of him. He's going to keep doing it. Whoever leaked this is helping the enemy.

The Coffeehousers have been telling you for months that we're winning the war in Iraq. Despite the constant negative mainstream media drumbeat, Americans are realizing the truth. Bush's poll numbers are on the rise, though admittedly not stellar. The economy is humming. Rather than lead on issues, the Democrats have pinned their hopes on the scandal of the month: no WMD, FEMA's response to Katrina, and the outing of Plame. None have had any traction, because no rational American believes that they are the fault of the President, no matter how much screaming the anti-war left does.

Regular readers also know that we don't rubber-stamp all the President's policies with glee. I for one am very disappointed by the President's immigration policy, the Medicare drug program, and the runaway domestic spending (including his faith-based pork). All of these when added up, however, aren't as important to me as the war on Islamofascism. For that alone he has earned my support.

President Bush will be remembered as having liberated 50 million people, and if his vision of the democratic domino effect comes to pass, hundreds of millions more. (I believe that Prime Minister Blair and Australia's John Howard deserve credit too.) This ensures that he will never win the Nobel Peace Prize or become Times Man of the Year, but in terms of sheer quantity of human benefit, no one has done better than him since Ronald Reagan.
Um, I'm with you, but you should know that Bush was Time's "Person of the Year" last year and in 2000.
Excellent post... When historians look back on Bush, I feel he will be remembered as having accomplished more than most any other President in history.
I am just floored by the hypocrisy of liberals who pretend to be shocked, shocked at the outing of Plame -- as if liberals EVER cared about national security, or EVER respected the CIA -- but gleefully put spokes in the wheel of any policy that seems likely to actually enhance national security.

As for Bush, I like him and I respect him and I hope, hope, hope there will actually be democracy in Iraq, but I don't think he realizes how irrational the Arabs really are and how intractible and cosmic the problem of Arab Jew-hatred really is.
Ralphie: Uh huh. Oops. Thanks for the correction. Good for Times.

Ezzie: I remember in the early 90s telling a liberal friend that Reagan would be remembered as a great president and having him look at me as if I just said "my penguin is on fire"... I occasionally wonder if he remembers that conversation.

Ms. Katz: There are many whom I respect who believe that democracy is inconsistent with Arab culture. What convinced me (and maybe Bush) that all people want to be free, is Natan Sharansky's "The Case for Democracy" which I reviewed here.
Dr. Bean:

Nice post. A righteous and blunt assessment of the current state of affairs. It's sad to see how far the left has fallen. They seem to hate Bush, more than they hate Al-Queda -- the guys trying to blow us up.

Full disclosure: My first post on this blog, and Yes, I must confess, I lived with Dr. Bean and some of these jokers wayyy back in college. Hello Boys!
Legal Eagle: Great to hear from you!

Our dear readers may wish to know that prior to circa 1990 I was a commited lefty, and it was partially through the persistent efforts and good humor of Legal Eagle that I turned to the bright side of the force. He and ball-and-chain were on the right from the start.
Spying on Americans is a touchy subject. It is one of the misdeeds that brought down the Nixon administration. In fact, I'm surprised that Nixon's name has not come up in all this. The difference between Bush and Nixon is that Bush (I hope) is spying on terrorists and friends and family of terrorists (the Democrats refer to them simply as Americans). Nixon spied on political opponents. I believe that Bush believes he is serving the public good, but I don't know if those activities are legal. If they're not, one can debate whether illegal activities are sometimes in the best interests of the nation.

Of course I believe in the war and I am optimistic for the future of Iraq. I wish I knew more about the good work our forces are doing over there, but I suppose any such publicity would merely invite saboteurs and terrorists to screw it up. So I go on faith.

Legal Eagle - Hello!
Legal Eagle: welcome.

I think Bush's action on Iraq is nothing short of brilliant. We can turn one way and be in Syria or the other and be in Iran. I think democracy in Afganistan and Iraq will plant the seeds of democracy in the middle east, from which the world will only benefit in the coming decades.

Dennis Prager had an interesting insight into the psychology of the left. He said they have not grown up since the 60s. That is why they are still fighting against racism (which has largely gone away) and the Vietnam War (now metamorphised into the Iraq war). But Dennis forgot another mantra of the 60s - abortion rights - which is still extremely poplular with the left. I meant to e-mail him about this oversight.
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