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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Fulgurites are among the many amazing things created by nature.

They are bizarre tubular objects that occur where lightning strikes the ground. The intense heat in lightning fuses the earth and sand it touches. The resulting formation is often smooth and glassy on the interior, rough and gritty on the
exterior. Fulgurites can be several inches in diameter and several feet in length, with multiple branches.
That sounds pretty cool. Do you have any links to that?
I Googled around a bit, but I'm afraid I did not find anything very good.

I found a picture in a 1950 National Geographic article.

I also found a 1936 Smithsonian Institution photo.
Fascinating, but I fear that without a mention of child molestation you may not get as many comments as you'd like.
I have a little fulgurite on my desk at home, next to my chunk of Trinitite. Remarkable how similar the are in many ways.
I think you are all are a bunch of anti-dentites.
Looks like I was wrong. You are getting a bunch of comments!
I'm with Irina, you have to include a photo with a post like this, or at least provide a link.
There was this really bad movie I was subjected to a few years back - Sweet Home Alabama? (apologies if that's on anyone's top ten.) - anyway, the dude was an artist who worked with these things.

Only interesting part of the movie.

Og, thanks for the link. Those things look awesome!
I have actually seen a fulgurite. Not that I remembered the name or where I saw it. I know it was behind glass. Probably in some sort of museum. Fulgurites, from your description and my (poor) memory, have a dendritic structure.
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