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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Sullivan brief on far right
Andrew Sullivan rightly (no pun intended) points out that there is an anti-war element on the far right. He claims that the "mainstream right is too squeamish sometimes in condemning them."

Perhaps the reason is that these far-right ideas in particular remain on the fringe, while the far-left anti-war nuttiness has made its way to the front-and-center of the Democratic leadership?
That's an important difference between the two sides of the aisle that isn't mentioned enough.

On the right, if someone goes too far too the right, mainstream conservatives climb all over each other to denounce him and distance themselves from him. The best example is Pat Buchannan who is a completely marginalized figure now with no political future, and deserves it.

On the left, no idea is too far out, no plan too socialist, no pacifist crunchy granola tree hugger too nutty to embrace. See the esteem that Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, and Al Sharpton are given in the Democratic party. All of them have said enough lies that an organization that believed in any semblance of responsibility would long ago have thanked them for their help and escorted them to the door. Instead they marginalize Joseph Leiberman, who is closer to the American center than any of those wackos.
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