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Friday, July 01, 2005
Meanwhile, keep that guy out of Spain
Spain on gay marriage: ¡!
Wow. This is pretty major. Christianity is really dying in Europe. The same country that had the inquisition is now the third country to legalize gay marriage. You've come a long way, amigo. This, and their decision to leave Iraq, gives you a sense of where they're headed. We'll see what happens to the gay marriage laws when the Muslim immigrants attain political power.
Foucault's pendulum -will Europe ever find moderation??
Canada's legislature also voted to legalize same sex marriage this week. The law won't take effect until it is ratified by the Senate and then the Governor General (the Queen's representative in Canada), but it should be a done deal in a couple of weeks.

I regard it as a positive development. Canadians are almost evenly split on the issue, though more disapprove than approve.

I don't see how the legalization of same sex marriage can cause any harm, since gays and lesbians are already cohabiting and already have many rights under the law. Practically speaking, everyone's lives will go on as before, whether they are heterosexuals or homosexuals.

Symbolically, it's a very big deal, of course.
Waitaminute, Q - is that why you seem to be wearing a veil with your tuxedo?
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