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Friday, July 01, 2005
Stabbing at Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade
Ugh. I can't tell you how low this makes me feel. The perp is described as a "fervently Orthodox man." I was just talking this morning with my rabbi about the problem of Jewish religious extremism. I realize this is just one guy but still it makes me sick. I also realize that historically and presently that the extremists of other religions cause more of a problem in general, but still, sick. I thank God that no one was seriously injured and I pray for the quick and full recovery of the victims.
I would much rather be in the same religion with someone who marches in a gay pride parade than someone who stabs someone who marches in a gay pride parade. It's too bad we don't excomunicate people anymore.
We don't? Why not?
Irina: I don't know if that was rhetorical or not. If it wasn't: the reason we can't excomunicate Jews is that there is no global religious authority that the local congregations have to answer to (like the Vatican in Catholicism). So there's no Chief Rabbi of Earth that can tell a congregation in Iowa that some Jew in Brazil is being kicked out of Judaism.
I was kidding! But I've heard that when a husband refuses to give a "get" to his wife, a rabbi can ban him from the congregation until he does so... Close enough.
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