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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Quote of the Day
From Jonah Goldberg:

"Very smart people have been trying really, really hard to make poverty history for a long time. Heck, they've been working very hard to make Africa just ever-so-slightly less hellish for a very long time. Debt relief is probably part of a potential solution, but without ending Africa's tendency to produce horrible, greedy dictatorships, debt relief is more akin to paying off a drug addict's credit cards."

“We Care!”
Another great Goldberg article. Thanks. Favorite line: “But I somehow doubt the Madonna and Snoop Dogg fans in the audience had formed a particularly cogent consensus on how to ‘Make Poverty History.’ In fact, I doubt you could get even a fraction of them to agree on a recipe for apple brown betty.” Like most feel-good media events, it sounds like it was totally self-important and totally useless.

By the way, Goldberg had a really touching article on Father’s Day which was basically the eulogy he recently gave at his dad’s funeral. It’s worth reading. It sounds like his dad was quite a character, especially for his generation: a politically conservative not-particularly-religious Jew working for the media.
Golberg's Father's Day article? Wow. Just wow. Thanks for the link.
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