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Thursday, July 07, 2005
London calling
Dennis Prager began his show this morning requesting everyone write a thank-you note to the Spanish embassy - thanks for rewarding and therefore encouraging terror by turning tail after you were hit. Would probably be most effective coming from Brits, of course.

He was also lamenting the lack of condemnation of Islamic terror in general by Muslim leaders. That there's so much outcry at the perceived mishandling of a Koran and nary a peep when a person is killed in the name of Islam. When the sentiment is reversed, he says, then we will have a chance at ending terror.

I'd say that the most this would do (referring to leaders of Muslim communities in the West) is make things better for Muslims in the West. Perhaps make people more willing to extend their own goodwill, or less inclined to profiling or something. But of course it won't happen with the leaders of the terrorist ideologies. That's like saying robbery will end when robbers stop robbing. It's just the essence of what they do.

What I'd rather hear is more condemnation of terrorism from non-Muslims in America. It's the moral inversion of the non-Muslim Left that sticks in my craw.
I'm a leftie on many issues, but I agree with your reference to a moral inversion. Bend over backwards to excuse Islamic terrorism, while claiming that the USA is a force for evil in the world? The people who make such claims are completely irrational.
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