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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Rice in China
And Mia Farrow in Egypt. Just kidding.

Oven is in China too. I may have an anecdote or two when I return. One interesting thing - I can't access Kerckhoff directly. Censorship?
Cool! Can't wait to hear about it.

There are lots of domains that China doesn't let in. It's just a matter of time, though before people work ways around the restriction. Kind of scary. What does a billion people having a revolution look like?
Oven: ball-and-chain keeps asking me what you're doing in China. I'm explaining that I have no idea and that I just learned it on the blog. She finds that answer unsatisfactory. Please tell us more.
Tea in India.

-tee hee-
Yep, definitely censorship. When my friend went to China last year, she couldn't access my blog. Just for fun, in one of my earlier entries, I wrote about that and said that it makes me feel dangerous and powerful. No wonder I got censored! ; )

Oven, if Kerckhoff is censored, it's a good sign! I would have been worried if it were NOT!
I just got the Mia Farrow joke now.

I'm slow. And dumb.
I am back from China. My company has a plant there and the good worker ants of China will manufacture our rubber snakes (product changed to the innocent) for an honest wage of thirty cents an hour.

My purpose was to ensure that they pass an upcoming audit.

Speaking of censorship, my TV went black whenever something sensitive came up. Did you hear about the Chinese defector? I almost missed it. Mrs. Oven had to fill me in on the items my TV left out.

On the flip side, I got lots of exciting news from the English version of Chinese newspapers. Did you know that China is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the "establishment of the Tibetan Autonomous Region"? I wonder how many Tibetans participated in the joyous occasion.
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