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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Return To Flight
Flight PatchThe CrewAbout two years after the Columbia tragedy, Space Shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven prepare to fly. Launch is scheduled for tomorrow 3:51 pm EDT.

Ladies and gentlemen, good luck.

UPDATED Wednesday, July 13: No go for flight at least for today.
Hey, they're leaving without us!
Psychotoddler: Yes. They are leaving without you. They also dropped your name from the mission patch.

On a more positive note, you'll notice they're wearing orange in protest of the planned Gaza withdrawal. Not.
You've got Scottie to beam you up PT.
They're grounded because of a malfunctioning fuel tank sensor!

"Golly, Beatrice. It's been sayin' 'EMPTY' since we crossed into Georgia."

So they gotta empty the tanks and replace the sensors and refill the tanks... It'll take days. Whatadrag.
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