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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Over There
Just watched a promo for Over There, a new FX series about the Iraq war produced by Steven Bochco (no, the war wasn't produced by him - we already know that was produced by Halliburton, Fox News, and leprechauns). The promo came on a CD-ROM that was tucked inside of the latest Time magazine (cover story: Rove on the spot!).

Production values are high, of course - looks about as realistic as Band of Brothers - or what I imagine would be realistic. And I imagine that it will arouse both pro- and anti-Iraq-war sentiments.

For example, when a soldier mommy is saying goodbye to her baby for (at least) a year, you might think "Why! Why must this have to happen!" Alternatively, you might think, "Why! Why do women serve in the military?" Depends on your point of view, I suppose.

And they do manage to stick women in the combat scene protrayed in the promo - their truck was hit when they were delivering troops. Which, as we know, has happened. And then one of the women seems to tired to dig herself into position. So there's that.

The sarge complains that he was supposed to go home that day, but his tour was extended another 90 days. (I'm guessing longer, since he was the only familiar face in the cast - the obnoxious doctor on ER, you know, the one who went to med school in Barbados). But then he complains that they can't advance against the mosque where the gunfire is originating because there's an Al-Jazeera reporter embedded in the mosque. They can't move in, the sarge says, because a general "75 miles away has to make a PR decision."

Seems the show is not afraid to portray things that might be objectionable to either side - and that's probably to its credit. I would definitely watch it (it premieres July 27). If I had cable.
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