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Miscellaneous thoughts and ramblings
Friday, July 15, 2005
44 Lines About 22 Liberals
Inspired by 88 Lines About 44 Women by Nails, and intended to be read to the same tune.

Maxine Waters knows four words:
"No justice" therefore "no peace".
George Soros has the dollars.
Looking for more palms to grease.
Arianna was conservative
before stepping on the UFOs.
Barbara Streisand for dumb causes
has a quite discerning nose.

Jimmy Carter never met
a dictator he didn't hug.
Ted Koppel spins the news
and I think he wears a rug.
Al Gore is still complaining
about imaginary dirty tricks.
Sean Penn went to Baghdad
and was as useful as Hans Blix.

John Kerry is a footnote.
It seems that his career is sunk.
Teddy Kennedy for worse or better
spent many years just getting drunk.
Howard Dean became unhinged,
and now he runs the DNC.
Barbara Boxer has the right
to be as left as she can be.

Jessee Jackson is a master
of the racial-victim-shakedown dance.
Bill Clinton cleaned up welfare,
but couldn't keep it in his pants.
Hillary wants socialized healthcare
and to be the president.
Tom Hayden is strictly small-time,
happy to control your rent.

Sarah Brady has my sympathies
but wants to take my gun away.
Andrew Sullivan is very thoughtful,
and did he mention that he's gay?
Michael Moore makes propaganda,
and he's morbidly obese.
Larry Flynt is an old smut pusher,
still thinks he's fighting with Ed Meese.
Tom Cruise is very handsome.
He's a Scientologist.
JFK, the last great liberal,
is the man I chose to end this list.
A masterpiece in its own time.
Brings a tear to me eye.
Ralphie & WW: Thanks. I'm here for you.
You should adopt it as the official anthem of your blog! LOL!
Irina: Long time no see! I think we'll sing it at the Coffeehouse every evening at closing time!
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