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Sunday, July 17, 2005
An Muslim group condemns Islamic terror
Ralphie... The PA has been condemning suicide bombers for years. They mouth the words but are secretly delighted (and actively fund such activities). Now, I'm not saying these British Sunnis are actually funding the bombers... but until they start handing over the bad guys I take such statements with a fistful of salt.

Until they take an active stance in the war on militant Islam (as opposed to the peaceful brand they claim to practice) they can take their 'religion of peace' and stuff it up their minaret (with all the weapons they have stockpiled there).
Leaving aside the atrocities being committed in Palestine and Iraq, the attacks in London have no Islamic justification

Which atrocities are they referring to, I wonder? The suicide bombings going on there? Does "leaving them aside" mean that they are not included in the condemnation?

Or are the "atrocities" the actions of the Israeli and American Military?

Either way, this "condemnation" falls way short of what it should be.

Enter the "big But".
For sure, it comes up way short. All I'm saying is it's the first word of its kind, at all, from an Islamic group. The PA is not an Islamic group. But I defintely hear you on the empty words thing.
Officers have also been searching the Leeds home of an Egyptian biochemist for more evidence after investigators reportedly found traces of explosives in the man's bathtub. Magdy Mahmoud Mustafa el-Nashar is being interrogated by Egyptian authorities, who say the biochemist denies having any connection to the attacks.

Egypt is not prepared to hand el-Nashar over to Britain, Egyptian security officials said Saturday as British investigators arrived to sit in on the questioning. The two countries have no extradition treaty.

What!!?! Not having an extradition treaty doesn't mean they can't choose to extradite; it just means they don't have to. We really gotta reconsider our foreign aid to Egypt. I hope Brits are really ticked off about this.

If I was Blair I would give them 72 hours to get him hancuffed to the gate outside Number 10 or I would send a stealth bomber to neuter the Sphinx.
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