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Thursday, December 09, 2004
The President Remembers the Maccabees

President Bush Participates in Menorah Lighting Ceremony

In 2001 President Bush presided over the first menorah lighting in the White House, a tradition he has continued annually since. Here are some of his remarks this year:
THE PRESIDENT: Welcome, everybody, to the White House. Hanukkah is a festive holiday that celebrates a great victory for freedom. We remember the liberation of Jerusalem and a miracle witnessed in the holy temple 2,000 years ago. For eight days the oil burned, and the light of freedom still burns in Jewish homes and synagogues everywhere.
I truly believe that President Bush has a genuine affection for Jews, an affection that is clearly not motivated purely by politics. (Only about a quarter of American Jews voted for him this year.) I believe that some of this fondness is informed by his faith as a Christian. I'm very grateful to him and can't fathom the suspicion and dislike of many of my co-religionists.
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