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Saturday, December 11, 2004
National Hypocrisy
So Bernard Kirk can't be our Homeland Security Chief now. Why has this well-qualified public servant been disqualified? Because of a nanny that once worked for him who had questionable immigration status.

Folks, can we, as a nation, get over our hypocrisy on the illegal immigrant issue? How many smug Americans do I hear pontificating on the importance of cracking down on Mexican (and other) immigrants, while chowing down the produce they pick, eating at the restaurants in which they cook and clean dishes, and often employing them not only to clean their homes, but to RAISE THEIR CHILDREN.

I've had the pleasure of knowing a good few "illegals" over the course of my life. By in large, these people have been harder working than most, commited to family, and, having come from dire situations, immensely appreciative of life's smallest blessings. They come to our country, and work their tails off in order to be able to support families at home. They provide services enjoyed by millions of American citizens, while living under the constant pressure exerted by the government of these same citizens, always having to look over their shoulders.

I understand that America probably can't afford to simply open our borders to any and all immigrants. I also understand that there is an issue with terrorists using our land borders with Mexico and Canada to infiltrate our country. I believe Bush's guest worker program is a step in the right direction. By allowing people to leagally work in our country, we validate the contributions made to our country by good people, provide a means and motivation for documentation in order to help combat terrorist access to the country, increase tax revenue, and most of all, end this ridiculous hypocrisy that's plagued our national consciousness for decaces.
I more or less agree. There are two ways to go with the whole illegal immigrant thing. Either seal the borders and enforce the immigration laws, or open the borders, let everyone in, but do not supply taxpayer-funded benefits to illegals. This latter proposal allows for all of Nomad's hard working, grateful illegals but doesn't allow people to abuse our welfare net. I used to be gung-ho about the latter proposal. However, with the new terror threat, the prior way may be the safest. Look, we ask people to provide documentation about skills and possible jobs before they can legally immigrate, why can't "nanny" and "strawberry picker" be two of the jobs that allow people to legally immigrate? Also, we have to do away with minimum wage and many other labor laws. Was that rambling enough? Did I mention that I have four children and no time to formulate coherent thoughts? In fact, while I wsa typing this brief response, I had to keep the baby from eating the trash and sticking her fingers in the paper shredder, help the three-year old open the mini blinds and have a lengthy discussion with the six-year-old about why she cannot keep all of her toys in her bed.
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