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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Which Side Is Supposed to Have the Toothless Morons?
I stumbled across a blog by a guy named Barry Mauer who is a lefty with much scorn for those who disagree with him. There is a post about Fahrenheit 9/11, and one opposing Bush's appointment of Gonzales for AG. The one that I really liked though, was "Jews for Hitler!" in which he wonders why "oppressed groups of people" vote Republican. Then he basically calls me a Kapo. I left a comment or two to try to educate him. Perhaps y'all can help. I hate to link to him since it'll just increase his traffic, but it's all in the spirit of mutual understanding. My favorite comment on that post, though, was the first who anonymously quipped "Wow.. you sound crazy."
Hey, Doctor Bean, you been checking RogerLSimon.com who has noted increases in the Bush vote in LA precincts with large Jewish populations to suggest that the exit polls may have (as I believe) undercounted the Jewish vote?

(Check my post from October on a Kerry Supporter switching to Bush--look in the archives on my blog--how a member of my congregation told me secretly that "they" had voted for the Prez.)

I do need to explain my views on gay marriage to you. I had attended a few months ago an amazing *** AMAZING *** discussion at the University of Judaism here in LA. And one Rabbi, I believe his name was Dorff, said he believed conservative Judaism should recognize gay unions but not call them marriage.

Which is pretty much where I stand.

Marriage in the Jewish tradition (as it is in most, if not all, traditions) is based on the union of two people from different groups, i.e., males and females. (Check Van Gennep's classic "RITES OF PASSAGE," (Ch. VII) to see how this plays out in a variety of cultures.)

A same-sex couple is different than a male-female couple. I fear recognition of gay marriage could obscure the difference between the sexes. Let's face it, men and women are different. (And if you're at all like my 3 brothers, each of whom is married, I'm sure you have learned that in your marriage.)

I do believe the state should recognize gay unions, but I don't buy Andrew Sullivan's silly nostrums about "marriage equality." Marriage equality is an empty slogan, a vain attempt to echo the noble vision of the Civil Rights movement.

I hope that answers your question on my views on gay marriage. Or at least gets the discussion going. To continue, please feel free to comment to my posts.

While I respect your decision to remain anonymous, should you care to e-mail me, I would of course respect your privacy.
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For an, um, entertaining recap of the UJ event mentioned by GPW, go here:


and scroll down to, er, "Hot Man On Man Action At University Of Judaism"

Need I say there's other stuff on this page and on the site in general that's a little off-color, so to speak?
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FYI - the deleted comments in this thread were simply duplicates
Hey, Doc, if you're gonna argue with liberal nut-jobs, at least use spell-checker. Over in Kerckhoff, we know that English isn't your first language, but when you mispell "intelligent" you make us all look bad.
Hugs and kisses :)
did I mispell mispell?
b&c: Aaahhh! Sorry. Thanks for tapping me with the clue by four.
Here's the link:

I think you will see that this blogger mischaracterized my words.
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