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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Limey Discharge
Sex Disease Cases Soar in London (Via Drudge)
Thank goodness I'm here to explain medical news in the media to our valued web surfers. Here's my summary of this article.

The Problem: More people are being diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in London now than a few years ago. The article makes it clear that this does not mean that more people have STDs. It may mean that screening programs are more effective at diagnosing more cases. Or it may mean that more people have STDs.

The Solution: More government spending! Predictable. Free advice to our British brothers and sisters. Use condoms all the time. Women: see a gynecologist annually. Men: see your doctor at the first sign of discharge from your how-do-you-do.

That was easy. Think of all the money I just saved Her Majesty's Chlamydia Clinic. It's the least I could do given England's support of the US in these turbulent times. No need to thank me.
Oh, dude. X-< I just sat down to a nice cup of banana yoplait, and I find this? Yuck.
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