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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Arafat Dead,Say Palestinian Sources Amid Confusion
Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath, in a strenuous denial, said the Palestinian president, 75, was "very much alive," but at least five senior sources said he had succumbed to the mystery illness that led to his being flown to Paris on Oct. 29.
Beeeauuuutiful pluuuumage!
Translation: "Deader than a doornail."
I just heard a Palestinian spokesliar saying that Arafat's brain, heart and lung functions were all normal. He also managed to blame Israel for Arafat's (healthy) condition by saying that he has been kept under house arrest in a very small room with "very little oxygen" those Israelis are f*****g amazing! Hey, ever heard of a window?!
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