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Thursday, November 11, 2004
MoveOn.org: Investigate the Vote
Does anyone else find this ironic? I mean, like, the epitome of irony? An outfit called "MoveOn" that wants to "investigate the vote" because it doesn't like the results? I'm sorry, but I need to beat this into the ground:

This is dripping with irony. It is laden with irony. It is not dissimilar from the small appliance with which you remove wrinkles from garments. If it were on the Periodic table, its symbol would be Fe. If it were a superhero, its secret identity would be Tony Stark.

Am I making myself clear?
Um. Yes it is quite ferrous. In the interest of picking nits, the chemical symbol for iron is big ef little ee.
Here is what I posted at the Moveon website

"The voting in our precinct was precise, well-organized and efficient. No-one was denied the right to vote and no one was harrassed, threatened or anything else. The school actually held a simultaneous bake-sale. I don't think a bake sale scares anyone."
I forgot to mention that the women running the bake-sale were wearing KKK hoods. Do you think that matters? /sarcasm
You all see now why I married ball-and-chain. Yes, you do.
B-n-C - that precinct doesn't count: knowing your neighborhood, it certainly went for Kerry, and hence there were no problems.
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