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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Top Ten Headlines When Arafat Dies
10. Arafat Discharged From Hospital, Quite Stinky
9. Fatah Emissary: Arafat Still Dead
8. Arafat Described as Improving, Cheerful, Awaits Autopsy
7. Suddenly Suha: Fat Broke Widow
6. Arafat Removed From Life Support, Regains Consciousness, Stabbed Repeatedly With Silver Stake
5. Gaza Heats Up. Arafat Room Temperature.
4. French Ambassador: Arafat Better. Transferred from ICU to Morgue for Further Testing.
3. PA Spokesman: Arafat’s Condition Really Stable
2. Arafat Discovers New Level of Coma

And the number one headline when Arafat dies:

Arafat Gives Up Terrorism
Very funny stuff.
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