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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Dreamer: You're Nothing But a Dreamer...
This story has been blogged elsewhere, but a friend of mine points out this line:

"Such was his devotion to the cause that Arafat, who died early today at age 75 in a military hospital outside Paris, was willing to tolerate and embrace bloody acts of terror that made him an international pariah..."

A.) Yeah, he just tolerated them. That's all. Poor guy.

B.) International pariah. Yup. Everybody hated him. The world was against him and his "cause." Puh-leese.

This Hockstader guy is smoking some gooooood stuff.

Sorry, just the straight-up sarcasm. Nothing fancy.
Somone should tell Chirac that Arafat was a pariah. He was all choked up when he announced the death. You just gotta love our President though. I believe his response was "today is a significant day for the Palestinian people." They will, of course, blow this significant day, as they have blown many other significant days and will continue to die for a cause that will never be successful.

Am Yisrael Chai!
translation for the Hebrew impaired:

Am Israel Chai = The People of Israel Live

Kind of a Hebrew version of "Viva Jews"!
Or, to translate it into the arena of American sports:

Here we go Jews, here we go! [clap clap]
Here we go Jews, here we go! [clap clap]
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