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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Anti-Semitism in Kindergarten
Our public-school-attending kindergartner came home a few days ago and informed us that one of the girls in her class said that her mother told her she wasn't allowed to have playdates with Jews. Now, my daughter is a pretty good liar when it comes to getting out of punishments, but she's not the type to make up a story whole cloth. It seemed odd, though, since the two girls are friends. That is, there's never been any animosity or anything in the past.

The next morning I spoke with her teacher and asked her how she thought I should proceed. She told me that she would talk to the mother of the child in question.

That afternoon, when my wife went to pick up our daughter, the girl's grandmother approached, mortified. She couldn't believe it, didn't know where her granddaughter picked up such an idea, was so, so sorry. Apparently the teacher spoke with her about it in the morning and she had been sick about it all day long.

Only it wasn't her granddaughter. The teacher had approached the wrong person. That poor woman spent a whole day worrying about where her grandchild had gone wrong. We felt absolutely terrible. It wasn't out fault, of course (I am sure I said the correct name).

And I don't know if the teacher has spoken to the parents of the real culprit. Schools done next week anyway. I am sure (I hope) this is all a big misunderstanding, and Penina didn't seem too upset about it, but I want her to know that this sort of thing ain't OK.
She probably misheard. Her friend isn't allowed to playdates without shoes.
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ALVY: I distinctly heard it. He muttered under his breath, "Jew."

ROB: You're crazy!

ALVY: No, I'm not. We were walking off the tennis court, and you know, he was there and me and his wife, and he looked at her and then they both looked at me, and under his breath he said, "Jew."

ROB: Alvy, you're a total paranoid.

ALVY: Wh- How am I a paran-? Well, I pick up on those kind o' things. You know, I was having lunch with some guys from NBC, so I said ... uh, "Did you eat yet or what?" and Tom Christie said, "No, didchoo?" Not, did you, didchoo eat? Jew? No, not did you eat, but Jew eat? Jew. You get it? Jew eat?
That's kind of a funny story. But sad. In a funny way. I hope it gets resolved.
kids are the meanest of gods creatures. I wouldn't be surprised if a cherub heard something like this on tv and decided, in a spurt of anger, to say something similar.

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