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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Addicted to 24
The wife and I are seriously addicted to "24." Really. It's a problem. The kids could be outside playing in traffic for all we know, as long as they leave us alone so we can watch the next episode. We've been ripping through the first five seasons on DVD and are just about finished. We'd head bad things about the last few seasons but we like 'em just fine. There's something about avoiding commercials and week-long gaps in viewing.

One thing I've come away with is that if our real federal agencies are as inept as CTU - Counter-Terrorist Unit - we're all in trouble. Sure, Jack always saves the country and possibly the world, but the agency itself is a joke. They've been bombed, gassed, infiltrated, have moles all the time and basically just seem to let anyone hang out there wherever and whenever they like.

Anyway, here's to Season 6 coming out on DVD soon...
I've been meaning to get into 24 but I just can't bring myself to enroll in Netflix or Blockbuster.

Meanwhile I buy a bunch of stuff that I watch once.

Season 5 of Babylon 5, anyone?
Enroll, watch a few series, and cancel. No big whoop.

If you live or work near a blockbuster, I recommend their service. You can take the movies back to the stores and pick up a free in-store rental with each return. Great way to get the next 4 episodes right away - you're gonna want 'em.
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