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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Pink Camo
My 7-year-old daughter's favorite fabric pattern these days is pink camoflauge. And it seems to be pretty popular - I've seen just about every article of clothing in the stores available in pink camo.

My question is, Which branch of the military uses pink camoflauge? I can't seem to recall. One thing's for sure - whoever's got it has pretty much thrown "don't ask-don't tell" out the window.
Ever since novelty camo was invented, I've wanted blue camo cargo pants. But I'm too cheap to buy them new, so I have to wait until I find some at a thrift sale. I may be waiting a very long time.
Goldie Hawn definitely would've loved it in PRIVATE BENJAMIN!
The Brits used pink camo. It's really hard to see at night.
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