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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Site of the Week
A link to a website makes a cheap post, but I'm doing it anyway as a public service. Website designers, take note... this website's got style! It's the kind of website JibJab would create if they were in the restaurant business. You'll need Flash Player to get the full impact. Pay special attention to the little details, like the restaurant's awards. Good stuff.

Buckle your seat belt and click here.
catchy music, too bad it's not a kosher diner but even if it was I wouldn't know where to find it -- maybe I missed it, but I didn't see on the ad the name of the city or even the state where this diner is located
hey, I could even go here - I work just a few towns away.

I thought you all were california dudes.

It's in Pennsylvania. I'm a California dude now, but I lived in Doylestown PA for a year.

If you ever go, birdwoman, be sure to compliment them on their site. It must have cost them a fortune.
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