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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Bean of Mystery
So Bean is not a contributor anymore. What am I to make of this? Surely he has not run out of things to say. Has he moved on to the Next Big Thing in anonymous communication, whatever that may be, and left the primitive Coffeehouse behind, just as we turned our backs on LPs and DOS when CDs and Windows became dominant?

Maybe Bean has fallen out of love with the Coffeehouse. It doesn't seem possible; he was once its most prolific contributor. Look at June 2005 - that was commitment! Perhaps he's left our blog for another... some vile seductress of a blog that preys on Jewish doctors that like math puzzles.

No, Bean is loyal! Perhaps Bean loves the Coffeehouse too much. Perhaps his departure is a self-motivated act to end a posting addiction cold turkey. Or perhaps Ball-n-Chain pulled the plug on him. She wouldn't, would she?

Maybe it was one of the others, although I don't honestly believe Ralphie or Nomad would kick Bean out, in spite of all the hateful words that have passed between them.

I think the answer to this riddle lies deep within the inscrutable Dr. Bean and, like the Abominable Snowman, we may never know the truth.
It wasn't me. Looking at him nude, I think the abominable snowman comments hits close to the mark.
I thought he's past that stage, ball-and-chain. Didn't the laser treatment/electrolysis do ANY good?
I will have to console myself by reading the old Bean archives, most of which predate my acquaintance with this excellent coffee house. I just wonder where I will post the inevitable comments I'm sure I'll feel inspired to make.

Well, maybe like the Terminator, he'll be back!


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