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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Smashing sterotypes
I did some auto body work on Sunday. Bought me a new external passenger side mirror, popped off the interior door trim panel, stuck on that mirror, and re-attached the door panel. I was pretty proud of myself, yes sir.

But then I decided the glass on the aftermarket mirror I got over the Internet was inferior to the original mirror (it's one step above a piece of aluminum foil). I figured I'd just pop off the glass and replace it with the glass from the original mirror, which I'd savvily kept handy.

But the new mirror was built differently, and when I yanked off the glass something broke! I just couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to fly to close to the sun! Why? Why??!!!!

In the end, the auto shop dude was able to restore the mirror, using the aftermarket glass. That was a close one. I think we've all learned a valuable lesson here today.
Ah, yes. Better a mirror in the hand, than two in the bush.
smashing stereotypes? uh, better luck next time Ralphie.
Sounds like right around the same time you were doing your project, I was busy trying to reglaze one of the windows in our house.

I broke it.

It cost $70 to be fixed by the glass dude. After I told the guy how it happened he just shrugged his shoulders. And then for some reason he kept chuckling...
I broke my passenger side mirror by driving too close to the curb where there was a big heavy garbage can that my car grazed as I went by. I never saw the garbage can but I heard the mirror break. I wonder how they can let drivers like me out on the road.

BTW I never fixed the mirror, I just change lanes by closing my eyes and praying. Sometimes there's a lot of honking and tires squealing, but unlike garbage cans, other drivers CAN get out of my way! Not to worry....
Toby - any chance the car with the bum mirror is a Ford? I'll fix it for you for $70 for parts and $300 for airfare.
Sigh. The car is a 12-year-old Nissan Sentra and I think the only way you could find a replacement mirror for it would be by finding an old Sentra in a junkyard somewhere. (Or stealing one.) It's not just the glass that's broken, it's the whole arm that's supposed to be attached to the car. We got us some mighty tough garbage cans on these mean streets.
$11. (scroll to bottom of page)
Ralphie, thank you!
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