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Monday, May 01, 2006
Fat Cat
With gas prices at historic highs, I was starting to get a bit perturbed with the oil companies. Then I got a check in the mail, and remembered that I am the oil companies! A local oil company leases our "drilling rights" and our quarterly check was a little fatter thanks to the price of crude these days.

Thanks, Big Oil!
Also, I can't verify this, but I read somewhere that Big Oil makes 9 cents of profit per gallon sold -- while big gov't takes 60 cents of tax per gallon sold!

Will one of you smart guys find confirm this!!!
According to this site, about which I know nothing, the CA state tax is 18 cents per gallon, and the Federal tax is just over that at 18.7.
Hey wow - that's so funny - I get that same check every month, and you're right today's check is fatter.

What's even funnier is that this whole time since gas prices have shot up I have been reassuring myself that I more than cover our fuel costs with these monthly checks. Great minds think alike, Ralphie!

Just another great reason to live in earthquake country. Sometimes geology pays off!
What am I doing wrong? My royalty check totalled $1.60. From whom do you guys get your checks.
You are the man. When will you stop oppressing the underprivileged native peoples of the world with your corporate evil? Why do you keep raping the Earth? Human need, not corporate greed! Arms are for hugging! Think galactically; act loco.
We ARE acting locally - its our own wells! Thanks to Ralphie and me we are decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. Hybrid-shmybrid....

First Brazil goes self sufficient, then Ralphie, then Wanderer - the sky's the limit! Woohoo!
Nobody's cutting me any checks, but the energy ETF (XLE) that I was in for awhile performed very well, and it's available to anyone. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
"Think galactically; act loco."


Brilliant! Just what Algore might have said....
Ms. Katz: Thanks!
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