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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Venn Master
Rivka, 4 1/2, is running towards me holding a piece of paper.

"Daddy, I made you a Venn diagram."

That's weird. Sounds like she said "Venn diagram," of all things.

"A what, Honey?"

"A Venn diagram. It's matzah and challah."

And indeed it is:

Matzah and Challah

The exclusive Matzah section (left "circle") is passover, obviously. The shared area is "all other nights." I don't know what the exclusive Challah section (right), unless it's just our default mode. She can't quite explain it.

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There's nothing like a good Venn diagram.

It's lovely, you say. What is it?
How does she know what that is at age 4?
smart kid!!
I asked the same question. She said her morah (teacher) told her. I guess the curriculum has changed since I was in pre-school ("eating paste" was high on the list as I recall).
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