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Thursday, February 02, 2006
The Religion of Peace Takes a Joke…
… by kidnapping and making death threats.

When something vaguely anti-Jewish happens in the U.S. Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League leaps into action and wrings his hands in a press conference. We Coffeehousers have let it be known more than once that we think of him as a foolish ninny who simply makes Jews look like hypersensitive crybabies.

But even Abe Foxman is a pillar of restraint and self-denial when compared to the antics of offended Muslims. When the Prophet Muhammad is slighted in the media, well, there's nothin' to do but surround buildings with automatic weapons and start kidnapping people.

Read the article.

The good news is that it sounds like Europe finally may be understanding the enemy in its midst. We'll see if they can do anything about it.
Dr. Bean,
This is a good point, but you're talking about the Anti Defamation League, not the Jewish Defense League (which is the radical right group started by Meir Kahane). Apples and oranges, Doctor.

The Jewish Defense League would be more likely to surround buildings with automatic weapons and start kidnapping people, actually.
Wert: Ooops. Thanks for the correction. You are, of course, right. Foxman's group is the ADL. I've made the correction in the post.

And welcome!
Seems they were carrying out violence to protest cartoons that depicted Islam as violent. Clearly a people with no sense of irony.
It's the "soft bigotry of low expectations" at work.

We expect Jews to operate beyond reproach, to go the extra the mile to avoid conflict.

We expect these Middle East wackos to blow things up, when they "feel" insulted about something trivial.

Even the Jewish Defense League is orders of magnitude more modest than these Islamic crazies.
Each time the Muslim world does something horrific we expect the rest of the world to wake up and see the threat. And each time they come up with some excuse to tolerate it. And it just goes from worse to worse.

I feel like a boiling frog.
I was going to write that, since Kahane and Rubin are dead, I think the JDL has essentially gone away. But I did a Google search and lo and behold they have a web site.

I met Rubin once - or rather listened to him deliver a diatribe for over an hour. He was definintely nuts.
Lord Em,

Rubin was a bit wacked-out. I believe he was convicted of something untoward and was murdered in prison. (I don't feel like googling it).

However, to compare him to the current crop of Islamic Fascists (which isn't hyperbole -- that's what they are), is like comparing a neighborhood bully to, say, Jeffrey Dahmer
Mirty: I agree. It would be a laugh riot if buildings weren’t being burned down.

Legal Eagle: I agree, but I think it’s also fear. The sense of “who knows what these people are capable of if you step on their toes.”

PT: I could be wrong, but there are signs that Europe is shifting. A little. Slowly.

Lord Emsworth: You would think I would like them since they’re right wing nuts with guns, but I don’t like them ‘cause they make right wing nuts with guns look bad.

Legal Eagle: Yup.
Hey, I didn't bring up the JDL. Bean did (in his now-revised post).
Wow, didn't know I had stumbled onto an anti-muslim site. These people are protesting because depicting the prophet (and, in some of these cartoons, desecrating him) is deplorable to them. Religion often makes people violent (Judaism is no exception). A little more understanding, and a little less "these people" might be in order. It's funny how people see the handful of people in a group that wave their arms and jump up and down, but ignore the 1 billion that are also there shaking their heads in disagreement with the arm wavers.
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