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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Oscars from nowhere
Oscar noms are out. Seems a country called "Palestine" has a film nominated for best Foreign Language film.

Oh my Lord! (no, not you, Ralphie) I had the same reaction. What is up with that?!
Why am I not surprised?
Michael Medved did a great bit on his radio show today about the movies that got a lot of Oscar nominations and the ones that got few or none.

Movies that were family-friendly and did very well at the box office -- like Narnia and Harry Potter -- were not recognized by the Academy.

OTOH lefty political films were showered with nominations in many categories -- he mentioned "Brokeback Mountain" and "Munich" in particular. (My husband saw the latter and said it was tedious -- but the only review I read that admitted viewers would be "looking at their watches" was the one in Commentary.)

Last week Medved commented about Brokeback Mountain that it is profoundly anti-family -- both the "heroes" have wives and children, whom they abandon when they "find" each other. Betraying your wife and kids to follow your heart (or your loins) is considered the noble and right thing to do, in Hollywood.
I have no problem with someone saying the film is from Palestine. It doesn't hurt me to play along with the quali-nation that sort of exists next door. What I do mind is how cool and trendy killing Jews has become.
Become? It never went out of style!
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