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Friday, February 10, 2006
Movie Review: The Transporter
Saw The Transporter last night. Totally preposterous, and totally awesome. Just mute the volume when you sense any romance-like or meaning-of-life-like dialogue approaching. It definitely has the best fight scene in an oil-soaked bus garage I've ever seen. In fact, you might just want to skip straight the the "extended fight scenes" in the special features.

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I'm sure you already know that The Transporter 2 came out last year. I haven't seen either, but I liked the trailers.
This, I think, is Mrs. Balabusta's favorite movie.

BTW the bass/drum background music in that first chase scene is fantastic.
I really like Jason Statham. My favorite part is how he looks right before he rips into the bad guys.

That is the look I try to give my boys when they are explaining the importance of getting dentention while in high school.
Actually, the entire movie is a parable about Mosiach. This is most obvious in the scene where he anoints himself with oil.
This is one of the few movies I went to see at the theater. I LOVED it. Yes it's preposterous. But the driving was fantastic!!

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