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Sunday, February 12, 2006
More Doubts About Hillary
The final paragraph of this "Times" piece puts it perfectly:

The hope in her camp is that people will believe that Mrs Clinton has her husband’s political strengths and none of his weaknesses. The growing fear is that she incites the same level of loathing and suspicion as her husband always did, but has none of the charm and personality to deflect it.

For a long time now, I've continued to doubt Hillary's viability. I've maintained that "some governor" would come along, and become the eventual nominee. I'm starting to think "some governor" is probably Mark Warner. His name just seems to keep popping up.
She damn well incites "loathing" and "suspicion" with me:)

As to viability, though, it's a bit uncertain. Is she unviable in the Democratic primary or general election?

As to the latter, I tend to agree. As to the former, I tend to disagree. She is a powerful force, nay, the most powerful force in the Dem party. She has the $$, she has the name -recognition, she has the organization, she has the political chits of her husband, she has the high office.

What does Mark Warner have?

If someone put a gun to my head and demanded I make a prediction, right now, I would have to predict that Hillary will win the Dem primary.
Hey Gus.
I hope she wins the Dem primary and then in the general election, I hope she does as well as Barry Goldwater did when he ran for president. Oh right you young 'uns wouldn't remember that, but you do know we never had a President Goldwater, right?
Who's Warner? What state? Democrat, I assume.

Goldwater is the grand-daddy of modern conservatism, he is to political candidacy what WFB Jr is to political opinion. We're definitely too young to know about him then, but he's too important not to know about now. He lost to Johnson, one of the least effective Presidents in the 20th Century, who was eventually crucified by the anti-war movement. Democrats are good at eating their own.
Warner's the former governor of Virginia.
Draft Mark Warner for President Website
Here's the New Republic on Hillary's robust political apparatus.

Nomad, I'm prepared to bet you a large ham sandwich -- right now -- that Hillary gets more votes than Warner for Dem presidential nomination in '08:)
Doctor Bean, Goldwater didn't just lose the election -- he lost by a landslide. He got something like 35% of the vote, I don't think he won even one state. It is in that sense that I hope Hilary follows in his footsteps.
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