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Monday, January 09, 2006
Spare me your piety
I am sick of hearing people say that Sharon's stroke was a reaction from God. Seems like more and more people today are God's prophets. The latest is no better.

I am speaking of course about Bill Clinton.
Sharon's stroke is a stroke, no more, no less, from a causality point of view. From an effect point of view? it removes from us a man who was a giant walking among us. I hope he comes back to walk among us again, even as a private citizen.
Well, I don't know about Clinton, but didn't anyone here get the memo? Pat Robertson speaks for God. He and the Big "G" have one of those red phone setups, so that God can get the message out when necessary through Pat's "700 Club" program. If Pat says Sharon's stroke was Divinely issued, you can bet your sweet ass it must have been, because Pat would never say such a thing if God hadn't told him to.
See, I knew Clinton was treading on someone else's turf.
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