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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Etch-a-Sketch Philosophy
Over Thanksgiving the Bean Bunch hung out with some wonderful relatives of ours. They bought our kids a couple of Doodle Pros, Fisher-Price’s update of the classical Magna Doodle. It’s a great toy, because it’s a mess-free way to, um…, doodle. And the Doodle Pro I guess assures that you’re not just doing amateur doodling.

So after the kids doodled to their hearts’ content and put the toys down, I picked up one and started jotting random notes and erasing them. The relatives we were staying with are committed liberals, and truly generous kind people. We frequently tease each other about politics. So I decided to write a statement of principles on the Doodle Pro. It wasn’t meant to convince opponents or prove anything. It’s just good to occasionally boil down most of what you think into something that fits on a Doodle Pro.

statement of principles
I showed it to the extended family. I got one chuckle. Another person said with great concern and not a trace of humor “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

What’s on your Magna Doodle? Or do you prefer summarizing policy on an Etch-a-Sketch?
Amazingly enough, if I had one, it would exactly the same... Sick minds think alike!
My 3 year-old and I have a game with the Magna Doodle. He calls it the Screaming Man game. I draw a big cartoon face with a big chin and a flat line for a mouth.

My son asks, "What's you name?"
The cartoon replies, "Mike" or some other random name.
My sons says, "And you..."
The cartoon replies, "Yes?" while I've got the stylus at the corner of his mouth.
My son says "STINK!" The cartoon's mouth becomes a big O and he screams.
My son laughs his head off, I erase the board, and he begs for me to do it again.

My imaginary Magna Doodle of Principles reads:
God, family, USA
Be good
Be smart
Work hard
Vote Republican
Go Bruins
I don't need a magnet to write on my magnadoodle. I can write on it with my finger. I can also only wear stainless steel watches because I destroy a regular watch in about a week. My magnadoodle says 'you're a freak!'
Mine came with a message already scribbled on it:

"Help! I'm being held captive in a MagnaDoodle factory!"
However, when at other people's homes, Dr. Bean will write on any handy surface (fridge dry-erase board, doodle pad next to phone) "stop me before I kill." Not as principled or informative, but imagine the looks on our friends' faces after we leave.
Mine says, "Hamstring government!" or any of several founding father quotes.
"My parents went to California, and all I got was this crappy magnadoodle"
Bean - as official welcomer, please let Kiwi know she is, well, welcome.
Irina: That's why I like you so much.

Oven: Ahhh… Lifelong father-son memories being created right there. Beautiful. Your magna doodle principles are pretty close to mine if I made mine seriously (except for I can't really say I've rooted for the Bruins for over a decade).

Og: Huh? You got some hardware in your arm? What gives? I'm the freak? I'm not the one on whom Mr. Magneto was based.

ball-and-chain: Yes, I do. I will also take a pad of paper, leaf to a sheet somewhere in the middle and write something inane line "Ronald Reagan loves you" or "Stop me before I kill" knowing that it won't be found for months. Different strokes…

Kiwi the Geek: Welcome! I see you commenting at Psychotoddler all the time. Anyone who is fond of founding father quotes is welcome here. Here. Have a free muffin.

Psychotoddler: If they're lucky.

Ralphie: I know my job. Look! I'm welcoming! See? Sheesh! I even got her a muffin. (I'm not sure if it's any good though. I hope she comes back.)
I, being part of the "bean bunch",was there at the time of the (so called) politics and remember all of the doodle proed political statements to be true.
I have no idea why it happens. I can not use every kind of compass either, only some makes. And I make streetlights go out all the time. I have an old Timex watch that ticks but never moves anymore. It's all just too freaky.
Og: Hmm... Pecuuuuuliar.
Oh, no. Stretch is posting? We are all doomed.

(will the Diva embrace her nomme de blog so readily)?
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