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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Kerckhoff Coffeehouse Celebrates One Year of Tangential Ranting
Make a wish for air strikes on Syria!
One year ago today a group of conservative friends brought forth upon the blogosphere a new Coffeehouse, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that liberals are both wrong and lame.

Now we are engaged in a great war on Islamofascism, testing whether that Coffeehouse, or any Coffeehouse so conceived and so dedicated, can keep blathering ad infinitum.

We here highly resolve these muffins, cookies and bowls of onion soup shall not have been prepared in vain; that the Coffeehouse shall have a new birth of punditry, and that blogging of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.
Here's to an infinity of coffee and stale muffins! (*raising a coffee cup in toast*)
Many Combolations, Elizagirth
Best wishes from one of your wrong and lame friends!
Irina: Thank you so much. You were a loyal reader way back... I appreciate you hanging out here.

Psychotoddler: Thanks, Drippy Yellow Maddness.

Wanderer: You're not lame, just wrong!
Happy Blogiversary, you ravin' people of the rant!
Although I only found you in late February or early March, I've had some great laughs, learned a number of new things and have raised a brow in question a number of times.
You've got the blog recipe down pat: entertaining and enlightening -- a great combo.
Maybe the Coffeehouse can get some new chairs, though. These wooden ones are killing my ass; how about some nice, red leather ("soft like butta") chairs...?
I took the way-back machine to see how life was different in October 2004.

Looks like I wrote the first post. I forgot that. Looks like Dr. Bean wrote the first four comments. Obviously this was before his life-efficiency seminar.

We didn't know who would win the 2004 election then. The war on terror provided most of our material (well, that hasn't changed). A gallon of gas was only two dollars. Hawaii became the 50th state and slavery was abolished.
Torontopearl: [panting as I drag the chair into a comfortable corner by the fireplace, the legs of the chair scratching the floor horribly] Here. It can be your personal chair. Whenever you're not here though, let Irina use it.
Blather on, dear Coffeehouse conservatives. Here's to good times to come (raising plate with sampling of muffins, cake, and cookies because I don't drink coffee, decaf or otherwise)!
I won a bagel in one of your contests. That's why I keep coming back. Mmmmmmm, bagels.
happy anniversary, or, as Pooh would say, many happy returns of the day. by the way, have you considered that you are the ones who may be wrong? by the way II: describing me as lame seems to be some sort of violation of the handicapped rights act, I prefer walking challenged.
Hey. I just noticed our Google page rank climbed to 5. Maybe that's their way of saying "Happy Birthday!"
Happy blogiversary.
Ayelet: Cheers!

Q: Nah. You come back for the scintillating debates.

Dilbert: Wow! You're the second smart liberal doctor to comment on this thread. (Wanderer is the other. I have no idea what Psychotoddler's politics are.) OK. You're not lame either.

We have considered that we may be wrong. We've decided against that possibility! Actually, in 1990 I was a democrat. I thought then I could be mistaken and switched sides. You can't say we don't do inrospection. We just come up with different conclusions.

Nomad: Can world domination be far behind?

Jack: Thanks!
Do we ever think we're wrong? Ummm, I'm guessing, Nah.

Although we might be wrong about even mentioning this "tailaversary," to bring up Pooh again. I never liked that kind of thing. I mean, as long as blogging has existed.

Huh huh. TP said "ass." And "butt-a."

And I said "Pooh."
Dilbert: I frequently consider the possibility that I might be wrong. I just as frequently discard the thought.
I am an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

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