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Saturday, October 15, 2005
Treasure Hunt – Part II
If you haven't read Part I this will make no sense and will be entirely impossible.

I'm delighted by the number of readers who worked on Part I. I hope all of you are having as much fun solving the problems as I'm having coming up with them.

For the sake of clarity, I've decided to write in blue all of the answers that you need to record to win the prize at the end, and also to number them. Remember, don't put any answers in the comments yet. This way, if you have a question, you can refer to the specific answer by number. So here is the list of answers that you should have accumulated from Part I.

1. the name of the city
2, the name of the movie
3. the name and address of the theater
4. how late the Domino's across the street is open that night
5. that Domino's phone number
6. an eight-digit prime factor of answer 5
7. the largest prime number that is smaller than answer 6

OK? Here's Part II.

A few weeks have passed and you're on an out-of-state business trip. Add 8,457,565,088 to answer 7. (8. sum) That 10 digit number is a phone number to a business. (9. the business name and address) You show up at this business hoping to rent a car to get around town but quickly realize that they aren't a simple car rental service. So you leave on foot and walk west on the street that the business is on. The street on which you're walking ends at an intersection with a north-south running street. You continue west across that street and then cross railroad tracks. You continue walking west. After the railroad tracks you come to a four lane highway which you run across. You then find yourself in a huge parking lot of a large building. In total, you have walked about 500 yards due west from your starting point. Figure out the (10.) name and address of the business in whose parking lot you're standing. This business has many phone numbers for various departments. You need to find the (11.) store information phone number. The last 4 digits in this phone number is a (12.) year, and I'm talking about a year in the standard Gregorian calendar that is in common use in the U.S., not the Jewish, or Chinese or any other calendar. In that year, a man who would later become President of the United States became a justice of the peace. (13. his name and 14. the county in which he became justice of the peace) You'll need answer 14 to begin Part III.

That's the end of Part II. Feel free to ask questions in the comments if any clue is not clear, but remember NOT to put any of your answers in the comments here. Save them for the end. I never had to call any of the businesses mentioned here. If you need to, please be very brief and courteous. Again, I would love feedback on whether this is too easy / too hard / just right, and I want to hear from you just to let me know you're doing it. The other thing I'd love some advice about is what you'd like for a prize. Also, if a Coffeehouser or a reader/guest-blogger would like to do one of the future parts, let me know.

I don't know how many more parts I will do before I run out of either material for puzzles or interested readers. I will give notice several days before posting the last part, and the first person who lists all the correct answers in the comments to the last part will win.
Hah, made you look.
That's not funny!

Well, it is funny. It's just not nice. :-(
You guys are the cutest! Doc, I'm still in, though my internet connection is erratic nowadays so I may need more time.
Ayelet: no one else has commented, so you can take as long as you'd like. What do you suggest the prize should be?
Checking this thread frequently, Bean? Sorry about the delay - we really are interested! Ready for part III - should be interesting!
Wanderer: I have to check the thread frequently to obey my obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Otherwise I get very anxious. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm glad you're in. It looks like it's you and Ayelet!

Part III won't be till after the end of the holidays next week.

I gotta go wash my hands, 'cause I haven't in 15 minutes and that's starting to bother me.
The prize? For a mad perfectionist like myself, winning is reward enough!
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