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Monday, October 17, 2005
Another Victory for Iraqis
We Won... Again!

Once again, the Iraqi people -- Sunni, Shia and Kurd -- flocked to ballot booths in droves to have their voice in the new Iraq. Western Journalists, liberal politicians and the French, with their predictions of doom, gloom and disaster, were once again thoroughly repudiated in yet another show of the power of freedom and democracy.

Bush will continue to be villified by those with their eyes tightly shut to the good news in Iraq, but history will ultimately judge this to have been a vital and positive juncture in history. Freedom is still on the march.

Great article.

I like his comparison to other misreporting about totalitarian regimes.

The pattern is no different from the nonsense reported about Nicaragua, which was supposed to vote for Sandinismo in 1990 but didn't; about Milosevic and his Serbian thugs, who purportedly would fight to the end if confronted by NATO forces, but also didn't; about Saudi women, who supposedly are happy not to drive cars, but aren't.

I'm reading Natan Sharanksky's The Case for Democracy which makes the same point and is a great read. I'll write more about it after I finish it.
I still wonder how many of these newly free Iraqis hate Jews. I guess it really doesn't matter because the only thing that has ever cleansed the brain of antisemitism is freedom and democracy. We'll see.
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