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Monday, August 01, 2005
Bataan Bike Ride
Stretch on Bollona Creek Bike Trailkids at park
Sunday Stretch (10 years old) and I went on a bike ride that turned out to be muuuuuch longer than we expected. I also took our 18 month-old in the baby seat. We rode to beautiful Syd Kronenthal Park, which is where the Bollona Creek Bike trail begins.

made it to the ocean

(You can follow the creek on the map all the way to the ocean.) Then we rode the bike trail all the way to the ocean. We came home via an even more circuitous route. Stretch never complained the whole way, even when he was pretty tired. Even the baby enjoyed most of it. All in all good Bean outing.
Other than that rest stop in the radiation zone, it looks like a fun trip.
Psychotoddler: Why must you mock the way my Treo makes a sunny park look like a park on the sun?
I know that area. I used to live next to the Fox Hills mall.
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