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Sunday, July 31, 2005
The next orthodox supermodel?
Israel21c: "She doesn't work on Shabbat, keeps kosher, and turns down jobs that require her to wear anything that the family considers 'provocative.' "
Supermodel or construction worker, it's impressive to see anyone who keeps kosher anymore.
When we start seeing "orthodox" Islamic supermodels then we might really have something to talk about. (And I'm not talking about Hijab-models). I'm not in favor of promiscuity, but a little movement toward promiscuity isn't necessarily a bad thing if the only alternative is "wrapped in a black shroud and kept in a back closet".

That said, it will be challenging to maintain her orthodox lifestyle in the modeling world. There are a lot more religious requirements an orthodox woman can keep, but I'm assuming things like shaking hands isn't going to be a problem for her (orthodox, but not that orthodox).

Good luck to her.

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