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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Not Getting Younger
I thought you might want to know that she's 104 now.
Does she still desire poison in her life?

You should bless this cranky woman with "You should live to be 120," and see how she responds to that!

Thanks for the update, Dr. Peen.
Torontopearl: Probably, but she's much less communicative now. I think she's slowly shutting down.
Dr. Peen,

She owes it all to you.
Jack: Great! Thanks.
The woman who lived next door to me when I was five or six, died a couple years back. She was still all there, mentally, and in not bad health. She was 103. She had eaten pork and eggs and deep fat fried chicken all her life, and chewed tobacco. She could still get around on her own into her late 90's, and even after 100 could (and did) walk every day.

Her son died a few years later, he was almost 90 himself. Tough, ornery people. God love 'em. Wish I had that metabolisim.
Og: Yeah, but this patient is mean. And always has been. God just doesn't want her in the next world.
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