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Thursday, July 28, 2005
I Went into Medicine Why?
I'm sure that all of you will be relieved to know that subsequent laser hair removal sessions have been much less painful. During the sessions I've been chatting with my nurse while she defoliates me with her photon torpedoes. To paraphrase Mary Poppins, a little bit of small talk helps the torture go down. I've discovered that (a) she's four years younger than me, and single, (b) she's a lefty of the sort so common in Los Angeles – hates Bush, very worried about the environment, and (c) she makes almost as much money as I do. I must admit I almost put the laser up my nose and ended it all right there.
How do you tactfully find out how much money your defoliating nurse pulls down?
Ditto Ralphie's question.
Ralphie & Ayelet: She was telling me that she was an ICU nurse at a major hospital and how much she was making there, and how much more she makes now, even though the work is much less relevant and fulfilling...

Ayelet: Thanks for blogrolling us. By the way, do you know that your blog tries to install some sort of software on my machine. I always click "no" just out of good habit, but you may want to check that out and remove it.
You people on the left coast scare me sometimes.

You put the laser up HER nose.

Sheesh, I gotta tell you everything.
I've heard the laser is very good at removing nose hair.
Og: Good advice. I need that Red State perspective more often!

Psychotoddler: Just reading that made me wince.
I'm just curious about how "fruity" og thinks you are for even agreeing to be defoliated at the behest of your wife. Certainly not a Red State pastime.
ball-and-chain: I don't know. Let's ask.

Og: How "fruity" do you think I am?
Like a treeload of monkeys.
That's not the problem that Blue Staters would like to make you think it is. I have two blood relatives who, er, putt from the rough (and a third about which I wonder).Doesn't affect me either way. You wanna exfoliate, get some aroma therapy, and have your nose hairs lasered out, have a blast. You want to dress nice and smell good and have a neat house? Shit,I don't care. Never be ashamed of being sensitive. Be ashamed to be liberal
Let's see... My job is relevant and fulfilling, but my clientele trash my home on a daily basis, and the pay is middlin'. (Surely with two degrees you could do better, my mother muses.)

How do I find an irrelevant, unfulfilling, and extremely lucrative job like hers?
(p.s. Like your laser tech's, I mean, not my mother, who is retired anyay.)

p.p.s. Was pleased to see you quoting me, BTW. :-)
Og: Well said!

Mary P: Welcome! How'd you find us? Did your ears burn when I quoted you? Why look for a job like hers? Why not just do her job? Surely there must me some hair removal going on in Ontario. Perhaps not as much as in LA, but still...
You and I exchanged comments on Treppenwitz last week or so. I called you a "smarty-pants", if you recall. So of course I had to see if you were equally witty on your home turf.
Mary P: That's right! Sorry to disappoint you. I save my wittiest stuff for Treppenwitz.
re: "blog tries to install some sort of software"
Doc, is it curable? How do I "check that out"? Any ideas? I guess I should mention that no one else has reported the problem. (Maybe you could be more specific. What does it ask you to install?)
In any case, thanks for the heads up and even more thanks for visiting my humble corner of the web!
Ayelet: If no one else has mentioned it, maybe it's an issue with my machine. I dunno. Ask someone who's computer has never been to your blog to go there, and ask if he gets a pop up window asking to download something. If he doesn't get the pop up, never mind.
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