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Thursday, July 21, 2005
James Doohan, RIP
He served in the Canadian army and was wounded on D-Day. Then, he became Montgomery Scott, the chief engineer of the Starship Enterprise, and inspired countless kids to start careers at NASA or JPL. Yesterday morning, at the age of 85, his soul was beamed up.

Scotty, thank you for your service. You are relieved.
He's really not dead, as long as we remember him.
Well said Mr. Bean.
Poor fucker. He was a REAL actor, you know, not like that piker Shatner.
Psychotoddler: Amen to that.

Wickwire: Thanks.

Og: Aye, rrrright ya arrr, laddie. He could do lots of different accents and he was part of the decision to make the character Scottish. Welcome to our blog!

To our readers not familiar with Og, I stumbled on to his blog, Neaderpundit, and found him complaining about doctors. I commented on that post, and was promptly, but nicely, fisked.
Scotty- He was a man among men.
Jack: Everyone loved Scotty. He didn't punch out aliens or have pointy ears, but he was the one that made sure the Enterprise worked. When the sh*t hit the fan, it was Scotty that had to reconcile Kirk's orders (that intergalactic megalomaniac) with the limitations of the ship.

No one, except maybe for Bones, stood up to Kirk as much as Scotty. "The warp engines cannot take much more, Captain. The dilithium crystals are becoming unstable." Or something like that. It was always scary, 'cause he was trying to get the last iota of performance out of the ship just as something hideous was about to happen.
He loved that ship:

"Ma bearin's. Ma poooor bearin's..."
Now, for the ubergeek prize:

What episode is that picture from?
So true, so true.
Holy Crap, PT, do you actually know the answer to that question?
Tribbles, Tribbles everywhere and not a drop to drink.
Hey Bean, not related to topic, but why did this remind me of YOU?

You are correct, Jack.

Now for the grand prize:

What is he saying?
Jack & Psychotoddler: You guys are ultra-geek-kings-of-the-wood-elves! Carry on.

Wickwire: Um... because it's a picture of Rowan Atkinson and so is the picture that I use for my blogger photo?
Bean, now you and Rowan Atkinson have merged into one person. His likeness has become intertwined with your persona. I don't know what you look like, but if we ever meet you are just going to look wrong to me.

Still no takers on the Scotty line?
Isn't that the one where Scotty loses his storied collection of ball bearings?

You know, it's all about ball bearings.
Psychotoddler: What do you mean "if"? I hope you mean "when".
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