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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Yahoo! News - Exploding Toads Puzzle German Scientists
Exploding Toads Puzzle German Scientists

More than 1,000 toads have puffed up and exploded in a Hamburg pond in recent weeks, and scientists still have no explanation for what's causing the combustion, an official said Wednesday.
Next thing you know, people will start to spontaneously combust. Then we're all in trouble.
Janne Kloepper, Institute for Hygiene and the Environment: Hans! Come quick! Vat do you mek ov zees?
Toad: Rrribbit.
Hans Shmaltzkopf, IHE: Veddy eentereresteeng.
Janne: Nein. Not zat. Vait a minute.
Toad: Rrribbit. Rrribbit. KAA-POW!
Hans: Veddy eentereresteeng. Vee must report zis.
Maybe those toads were auditioning to be one of the TEN PLAGUES that we refer to in the reading of the Haggadah at Passover. Toads, frogs--no difference!
I think they just tried a bit too hard to "puff up" their image -- you know: Stand tall, back straight, chest out! These toads extended themselves just a bit too much.
Too bad Hitchcock is no longer around; I think the sci-fi/horror flick "The Toads (of Hamburg)" might've just been next summer's blockbuster!
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